Cheap City Chic

I am currently in the process of freeing myself from a man that fancies himself the next Saddam Hussein and his faithful sidekick Cruella de Ville.  Work misery aside, I am now faced with something even more miserable:  living and shopping... on a budget (insert horror movie scream).  I know, totally scary.  But I have discovered that you don't have to look totally roach when you're on a budget.  Here are 5 tips to being cheap and chic in the city: 1.  Wear all black.  Black has many benefits like, hiding your cottage cheese thighs and slimming your muffin top.  I don't think I need to sell you anymore on black.  Anything that makes a chick have to suck in less has to be a plus.  I should know, I haven't taken full breath of air since 1993.

2.  Big sunglasses.  Big sunglasses will always be in because Audrey Hepburn will always be in.  Everyone dreams of being Holly Golightly a la Breakfast at Tiffanys, and what we always remember is her in that tiara and those big sunglasses.  So, since it's not socially acceptable to walk around in tiaras and be a snotty bitch, grab a pair of big sunglasses to go with your Audrey Hepburn all black ensemble.

3.  Big earrings.  Big earrings are super fun because they're so huge.  Any simple outfit can be ultra awesome with some big earrings.  Plus, big earrings shows that you have big cajones--just saying.

4.  Converse. No, you will not be roaming around the city in your cutest heels when you're on a budget because you won't be buying heels for a very long time.  So save those heels for a night out and grab yourself some Chucks. Outfit example:  boyfriend blazer, plain white tee, skinny jeans and Chucks = Super Cute.

5.  Plain white tees.  White tees go with anything and everything.  White men's tees, white button downs, white tank tees...there's no going wrong with white.  Well, unless there's ring around the collar or pit stains--not sexy.  I guess you can go wrong with white. Of course if you're letting yourself sweat into a tizzy to cause pit stains, there's really not much help I can give you anyways.  In that case, eliminate all white.

There you have it.  5 items that are cheap, but will still be chic for many years to come.  We loves it (until we have money again).