Halloween Costume of the Week: Gold Bear

2009-10-19 gold lingerie2009-10-19 bear hat

Halloween is the time to dress-up like a total whore and have it be completely expected.  It is so expected for girls to be whores that everyone looks down on you if you ever showed up to a party in a normal costume.  Last year I was Hermione from Harry Potter, and not sexy Herminone--just normal Herminone.  Needless to say, wearing a a full cape in British children's school clothes was not sexy.   So, this year I have decided to embrace my inner whore and be a whore/bear.  I will don this adorable bear hat and complete my ensemble in the above gold bikini.  Let me know if you don't like it, because they also have mouse hats, elephant hats and bunny hats.  All of which match my gold bikini.