UGGs, Forget What They Look Like.

2009-12-16 UGGs22009-12-16 UGGs

The world as I know it has finally changed.  This is because I have accepted UGG's into my daily life and my daily ensembles.  And not even those really snazzy UGG's that are gold with the cute buttons.  Just the normal ones!  I have to tell you, living a life with warm feet is pretty awesome, especially in the winter.  I used to ridicule everyone that walked by in ugly comfortable clothes.  Now, I will still continue to ridicule these people, but I will try not to enjoy it so much, because those people just want warm feet! One of my friends who is still resistant to UGGs asked me if there were boots that were cute and also comfy.  And I will tell all of you what I told her, "no, there are not." Sorry kiddies, those "cute" boots don't exist.  Like Santa Claus, unicorns, or that really hot waiter that you're dating who swears he's going to make something of himself, cute comfy boots are an urban legend.  There can NEVER ever be anything that is cute and also comfy.  So, go get those UGGs for the winter, your feet will thank you.  And don't even bother trying to be cute by buying those snazzy looking UGGs, cause those are still UGG. You might as well strap on a Snuggie while you're at it.  (P.S., no. you do NOT look like that hot girl in the pic who's wearing UGGs)