Rachel Roy/Estelle Jewelry Buy of The Week!

As we all know, love it or dread it, Valentine's Day is coming up.  This means that idiot guys everywhere will be asking me or their girl source, what to buy their special gals.  And because boys are stupid, they will not know that all they need to do is buy something--ANYTHING from Tiffany's to make his girl happy.  But, if you guys or girls want to get something a little different than the typical Tiffany's floating heart this year (which I have received, and works like a charm, btw) than you should look at the new Rachel Roy/Estelle line of jewelry.  This line features this amazing gold flower ring that fits over the full finger for some major hotness; and also this gold earcuff--which granted is a little weird, but is also edgy and pretty at the same time.  Plus, the line is pretty affordable at $50-$100 for each item and is super exclusive since you can only buy these items on their facebook site until February 11, 2010. Everyone loves an elitist, so get it while it's hot!