The New Louis!

If you like Boho, then you are going to love this new Louis Vuitton Artsy bag.  With this amazing new bag, Louis Vuitton has transformed the typical ratty Urban Outfitters Boho chick, with her headbands and drapey shirts into a Boho hot chick who paid $1,400.00 on an LV.  Sure, it goes against being Boho, but a girl can't live off of hemp and saddle bags forever. It's new, its huge, and it's hot!

Frugalista I Am Not

2009-09-29 LV2009-09-29 gucci shoes

There is no way, no possible way that I will ever be that girl that does the "buy it for cheaper" column.  Well not as long as Gucci shoes and Louis Vuitton purses exist in this world.  I don't even understand how a person can have this column.  Buy it Cheaper? Where? At the "Gucci and Louis Vuitton Stolen Merchandise Store?" That place is an urban legend!!! I can see girls everywhere mouthing the words "snobby bitch" right now, but that is because you misunderstand. I am not saying that all amazing things must be Gucci.  I know that there's tons of really cool cheap stuff out there that does not also force you to go hungry for buying them.  However, cheap stuff NEVER looks like this.  I would like to see someone attempt to show me cheaper versions of these amazing Gucci Drew heels.  And good luck finding a cheap version of this Louis Vuitton Vernis Leather Amarante Alma bag.  That's right, the bag is so nice that you can't even say the full name.