Down With JCrew-Leather Dress Edition

It's that time again, when I call out JCrew for selling something unbelievably ugly for an unbelievably uglier price.  Some of you may have grown tired of my attempts at single-handedly bringing down JCrew.  But, I don't care,  and I will continue my ridiculous crusade until JCrew stops charging $1,800.00 for dresses like the above.  First of all this is a leather dress with sparkles all over it.  Why in God's name any person would decide to bedazzle leather is beyond me.  I mean, if it would be cheaper to just bedazzle regular cotton, lets go with that, because you've just sucked all the fun out of leather anyways.  Second, the girl is wearing sandals with her $1,800.00 leather sparkle dress!! Come on! If' I'm wearing $1,800.00 worth of dress on me, I better not be wearing it with sandals to the freakin beach! To the JCrew designer, I challenge you.  I challenge you to design a dress that is cute--cute and worthy of $1,800.00.  This means that there cannot be thousands of pleats, rosettes, or ruffles and must be event appropriate.  In other words, you can't charge $1,800.00 for a beach dress made of animal skin and plastic sparkles, because it's inappropriate and ugly.  I understand everyone agrees with me, but nobody wants to stand with me because they can't give up those damn cardigans and gold flip-flops.  Neither can I; I own both.  But still, Down with JCrew!