Down With JCrew!!

12-1-09 JCrew Dress It's that time again where I show you how ridiculous JCrew is with their "couture" crap, in an attempt to single-handedly bring them down.  This crap seen here is some sort of bronze jacquard dress that I honestly don't really know where you would wear this to or in what era.  I mean, the thing makes this tiny model look like a fatty and a peasant all at the same time.  Imagine if a regular person wore this dress. She would look, well, huge. And bronze. The price you ask? Wait for it...$2,200.00!!!!! That's TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!  What the hell? When I see a crime like this dress, I feel like JCrew is personally trying to offend me, like the girl that wears a slutty white dress to a wedding. And like her, this dress and JCrew is insulting, maddening, spiteful and should my hands!!! (What, too much?)