Wrap It Up

I love drapey sweaters.  I love them so much that I own a multitude of drapey sweaters, and with each one I convince myself that they do not all look exactly the same.  But, I have to tell you the truth, I don't know what to make of these extra-long drapey sweaters that claim they can be worn 3,645 ways.  They confuse me, because, they never look like the examples shown--all cool and awesome.  Somehow, I just end up looking like I'm wearing a really weird sweater that's so long I had to wrap it around my neck, which will eventually look and feels like it's choking me to death.  But, to those people out there who can actually make this look work, this BCBG ensemble with the drapey sweater is really cute.  Two possible looks are shown.  One being the standard "choke" look, and the second is the very cute "bow in the back look", which if you decide to move will become the "it is impossible to keep this bow in the back and my sweater keeps coming off because I'm wearing it backwards" look.  Good luck and enjoy!

Be Sienna Miller For Cheap!

2009-09-04 BCBGsienna_miller The pink BCBG dress is so adorable and is surprisingly also affordable.  It's only $238.00 and is very reminiscent of Sienna Miller's white Marchesa except way not as pretty.  Look, I'm not even going to pretend like these dresses are comparable other than the fact that they both have giant flowers on them. We all know that when we put the cheap comparable on our bodies, no matter how close it came to the real thing never looks anything like the awesome expensive version.  And sometimes even gives you a rash and blisters.  But, then again, we're not Sienna Miller and the BCBG dress is not Marchesa.  You won't look like a white satin fairy princess in the BCBG, but you also didn't spend $5,000.00.  So, you get what you pay for, and in this case, it's a cheap Sienna Miller.