Maven-Car Sharing Made Easy in SF

Living in the amazing city of San Francisco can be the most amazing experience in the world, except when it comes to paying for a parking space.  Housing your vehicle in the city costs as much as housing 1/4 of a human being, except that part of you is hanging out in a dark and dingy garage with no heat or wifi while the rest of the 3/4 of you is using your wifi to complain about how expensive housing the other 1/4 you is, when that 1/4 part of your body rarely ever gets used (you can insert whatever joke you think is appropriate here--a "that's what she said" would suffice as well.) 

That's why Maven, the car sharing app that has launched in SF is such a lifesaver.  You just download the app, select the area you're in and then pick out a car close to you and you can get driving to where you need to be. No dark and dingy, expensive garages to pay for and no regular upkeep and maintenance for your vehicle. Need to rotate tires? Who cares, that's someone else's problem.  The vehicle that I used was iPhone compatible, so it played my music, showed my gps mapping on the adorable screen as well as answering calls.  Best part, like every great relationship-no strings attached.  Check out my experience in the video above. 

*For 20% off your first ride use promo code TINAPHAN. 
*Sponsored by Maven