Maternity Not Mom

I am so happy to be able to share some of my maternity photos. Maternity photos can be tricky because although you're going to be a mom, I didn't want to look like a mom ready for a stroller and vinyl bag that unfolds three times to catch vomit and poop. I also wasn't ready to go into a forest wearing a pink fairy silk crepe gown blowing in the wind and a flower crown as if I was going to give birth there and have butterflies pull my baby out. Unless the butterflies have a gigantic needle that goes into my spine with drugs in it, I don't think that's how my birthing story is going to end. I also decided against anything typical of a maternity shoot like belly kissing, hands into hearts, baby blocks, walking on the beach, and any baby items that were not gold. So, instead of the traditional "I'm hanging out in the woods with my husband on a Saturday morning" maternity shoot, I opted for something more me. I just wanted to look like I was walking around the city with my husband. In a sheer ballgown. And heels. And full make-up. And jewelry. Coincidentally, I'm holding my belly a lot. And I just happen to be pregnant. I think we captured that. 

Photos by Aika Cardin. Thank you Aika for making us look so good!