Biossance Revitalizer c/o Biossance:

Biossance Revitalizer c/o Biossance:

Shopping for skincare products has always been something that has been very daunting to me. All those products with all those ingredients you don't understand or know what they do oftentimes gives me a headache in addition to major analysis paralysis. Which subsequently has me walking out of the store with nothing but the dry skin and dark circles I walked in with. But these days, I've added a new moisturizing revitalizer to my daily routine from a new brand called Biossance that is launching June 2015.  Their first product is a revitalizer which is made of a plant derived emollient called Neossance Squalane that replenishes your skin by using a moisturizer that is found naturally in your own body. You only need a few drops to gently rub on your face and neck before your moisturizer and makeup. It's really light, not oily and has a very light fresh smell that's not at all overwhelming. If you're looking for a new moisturizing skin product that's natural and proven to hydrate, check them out here. Happy hydrating!