Asian Drama For Your Mama

My secret dream has always been to be a soap opera star. They seriously have the best jobs in the world. They get to be ridiculously bad actors in these awesomely ridiculous bad plots. I would die to tell some beautiful man with rock hard abs the words "you're not the baby's father" only to have the actual father be an even MORE beautiful man with even HARDER abs.

Recently, I've discovered a whole new kind of wonderful in the Asian dramas Boys Over Flowers and the Chinese version Meteor Garden. Unlike American soaps where the main plots focus on "who's your daddy?", Asian dramas love themselves a good old classic Cinderella story. The girl is always poor and sassy, the guy is always rich and kind of an asshole, and they always get into farcical and ludicrous situations before he goes running to find her in the end. I mean, somehow the girl ends up being the guy's personal maid in a full blown French Maid's outfit making him Ramen? Huh? But somehow, I'm totally buying it. The only thing that I was not buying was when the girl gets offered credit cards and money to be with this incredibly gorgeous millionaire who wants to worship her and buy her presents all day long and she refuses. Instead, she goes to live in a fishing town to sell rice cakes and coffee. Yeah right! First, no beautiful millionaire wants to worship a girl that is not Giselle Bundchen; and second, there is no way a girl is saying no to a guy that looks that beautiful in a fur stole. The correct response to that situation is: call me a kept woman and let me know if you need my social security number for those credit cards! 

Chanel bag,  Maison Martin Margiela ,  Vita Fede , and Cartier rings 

Chanel bag, Maison Martin Margiela, Vita Fede, and Cartier rings