Seeing Green

November may be the month for making those Black Friday purchases, but January is definitely the month where you get to start wearing them.  I love seeing everyone's Black Friday buys because by definition, these are items that you would never have thought to buy, but for the fact that it was almost being given away.  The results can be boring a la buying ten grey Gap sweaters, or they can be totally daring; like this one girl I knew who got leggings that looked like a human exoskeleton from the bottom down.  (Good luck finding a top that matches that.)  

For me, it was this olive green suede jacket.  It's one of my favorite purchases because it sounds like it would look like vomit, but instead it's incredibly cute and unique.  The description definitely does not do it justice.  Tune in the next few weeks to check out my other daring Black Friday purchase: a snood.