Coats As Capes

**Orignally Published on October 25, 2013 without photos.  Re-published with photos and because it's an oldie but a goodie.

I'm not exactly sure when this happened, but all of a sudden some time in 2013 it became very passe to put your arms through the armholes of jackets. Fashionistas, stylists, and editors the world over were draping their jackets and coats over their shoulders like they were capes, and admittedly, I loved it! These women looked so badass and had a look of "I am SOO over everything" that it made me envious because I wanted to be cool enough to be "SOO over everything" too! Today, I decided to try this look with my new amazing Club Monaco jacket to devastating and humiliating results.

It turns out, there's a certain kind of woman that is able to wear her coat without her arms, and that woman is a Woman of Leisure. This woman who can casually drape her jacket across her shoulders is most definitely not a woman with a place to be at at 9:00 am, she doesn't have to catch a Muni train, and she definitely never ever needs to sprint across the street because the timer on the walking light is ticking down to 3,2,1. This woman, when she felt her coat falling off while running to catch her train did NOT button the top button to keep it from falling down only to discover in the reflection that she looked like a complete fool and almost choked from that goddamn button. And this woman definitely did not almost drop her brand new coat in the mud because she was fiddling around in her purse for a mini Twix and her arms can only go up halfway like a T-Rex. Oh no, because THAT woman was me and by the end of the morning, both my arms were in the armholes...because that's what they're there for, to warm my arms. Thus, my conclusion is even though I love this look, this trend is solely for those ladies that have nowhere to be, ladies that can walk really really slow and ladies that never ever have to dig into their purse for anything because their assistants can carry all the Twix they want. Lucky them.