Autumn Mini-Skirts...For 3 Hours

Club Monaco jacket ,  skirt  and graphic tee, Prabal Gurung x Target shoes,  Ray-Ban sunglasses , Chanel bag

Club Monaco jacket, skirt and graphic tee, Prabal Gurung x Target shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Chanel bag

The greatest thing about fall is that it is not yet winter, which means that you have a few hours in the day to show off some leg without them becoming completely frozen ice sticks.  That's why I plan accordingly.  Everyday, I look at the week's weather schedule and check to see if there's a picture of a sun or a picture of a sun with some clouds sweeping by.  Either of those and I'm good.  Then, I check the hourly report because it's no good to me if the sun comes out at 3:30 pm on a weekday because where am I going in the middle of the day in a mini-skirt and heels.  But, on a magical fall day, when all the stars come together and it's sunny--or almost sunny between the hours of 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, I don't care who you are, I will hunt you down and force you to have lunch with me.  Since lunch is the only appropriate activity to do during the day, you'll probably see me eating a Cobb salad completely overdressed in full blown heels. But hey, you find me another appropriate activity to do in a miniskirt on a Tuesday afternoon and I am there...for at most three hours!

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