Ugly Pretty

Do you have those days where you feel like your outfit just looks insane, but in actuality, you look totally amazing?  Well, I was SO having one of those days. A true "it's so bad it's good" days.  I mean, lucite heels, crazy cat eye sunnies, and huge jeans that look like a potato sacks bedazzled with pearls?!  No doubt, these items are amazing on their own, but all mish-mashed together?  In one outfit, on a girl with a moon face and bob haircut?  Turns out, it's still amazing.  Next up, something having to do with marabou slippers and bomber jackets maybe?  So tacky it's cute? 

Fierce Like a Bobcut

  Hair by Sassoon Salon, Aritzia sweater, Storets jeans, Dolce Vita shoes, Carven bag, Fendi sunglasses

Hair by Sassoon Salon, Aritzia sweater, Storets jeans, Dolce Vita shoes, Carven bag, Fendi sunglasses

There's a misconception when it comes to having a bob haircut; people are always telling me how lucky I am to have a haircut where I can just wake up and toss my head back and have perfect hair. Sure, if tossing my head back is code for spending 20 minutes slicking my bangs in place.  And unlike long haired gals, there's no ponytails or top knots when your hair is oily and disgusting.  When I have those days, I'm just oily and disgusting. So, other than my amazing hairstylist soulmate Michael at SF's Sassoon Salon keeping my A-line high and tight, I'll enlighten you on *a few* other things I need to keep my bob looking clean. 

1. Washing every single day, every single morning with conditioner.  It's a pain, but it's essential.  There's no dry shampoo, there's no running a comb through it.  There's only bed head and a hot mess so washing every morning is a must.

2.  A really good hairdryer.  For a lot of bounce and a lot of shine, you want to have a good blow-out.

3.  Hair trimming scissors.  To keep the bangs nice and blunt, you have to cut them once every two weeks so learning how to cut your bangs and having professional scissors is a necessity.

4.  Hair straightener.  Every morning like a brush or a comb, you'll need to run a hair straightener through your hair to keep everything looking straight and in place.  Especially for the bangs to maintain their bluntness.

5.  And last and certainly not least is to go out there and find your own hairstylist soulmate who knows what they're doing and always says yes to your vision.  Michael from Sassoon Salon is my hair doctor, he fixes my hair, keeps it perfect and listens to all my complaints to boot. He is, essentially, the perfect guy. 

So you see all you have to do is roll out of bed and wash, and blow dry, and straighten, and cut your bangs and you too can rock this "easy" bob cut.  

Sponsored by Sasson Salon San Francisco located at 359 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA

  Svelte Metals and my own rings, Carven bag

Svelte Metals and my own rings, Carven bag

Maven-Car Sharing Made Easy in SF

Living in the amazing city of San Francisco can be the most amazing experience in the world, except when it comes to paying for a parking space.  Housing your vehicle in the city costs as much as housing 1/4 of a human being, except that part of you is hanging out in a dark and dingy garage with no heat or wifi while the rest of the 3/4 of you is using your wifi to complain about how expensive housing the other 1/4 you is, when that 1/4 part of your body rarely ever gets used (you can insert whatever joke you think is appropriate here--a "that's what she said" would suffice as well.) 

That's why Maven, the car sharing app that has launched in SF is such a lifesaver.  You just download the app, select the area you're in and then pick out a car close to you and you can get driving to where you need to be. No dark and dingy, expensive garages to pay for and no regular upkeep and maintenance for your vehicle. Need to rotate tires? Who cares, that's someone else's problem.  The vehicle that I used was iPhone compatible, so it played my music, showed my gps mapping on the adorable screen as well as answering calls.  Best part, like every great relationship-no strings attached.  Check out my experience in the video above. 

*For 20% off your first ride use promo code TINAPHAN. 
*Sponsored by Maven

Casio At Bloomingdales

  Casio watch at Bloomingdale's SF, Furla bag, Whyred coat, Ray-Ban sunglasses, H&M sweater

Casio watch at Bloomingdale's SF, Furla bag, Whyred coat, Ray-Ban sunglasses, H&M sweater

If you're like me, this is the best time to go holiday week before Christmas.  I love the feeling of scrambling to get presents, heading to the mall with one million other people, giving each other the look of 'yeah me too, we're both in holiday shopping hell together, but let me peep what you're buying so I can copy you and hopefully end this", and sustaining myself on only mall coffees and CPK.  It's just about as holiday to me as Mariah Carey's Christmas album and Bailey's spiked hot cocoa whilst watching Love Actually.  

This year, you need only go to one store for the perfect item.  Casio is launching their Casio Vintage Collection just in time for you to rush to the mall and get one for the holidays. These are a series of watches that won't go out of style and complement any outfit.  The watch is fashionable and functional at an affordable price of $65. It's water resistant, has a stopwatch function, an alarm and LED light for when you're partying in the dark.  You can get it now at Bloomingdale's in Union Square located at 865 Market St., in San Francisco. 

Check out Casio on Facebook (@CasioUSA), Instagram (@Casio_US) and Twitter (@Casio_USA)

This post was sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of Casio

  Casio watch, Svelte Metals and my own rings, Furla bag

Casio watch, Svelte Metals and my own rings, Furla bag